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Leverage the power
of branding to win
in the marketplace

Maven™ is a specialized branding studio based in Dubai. Operating all over the world . We deliver The goods you need to launch or relaunch your brand — including all the cool stuff. Unlike typical agencies, we create and sell our own brands too. So we know what it takes to sell yours.

Maven™ is a specialized branding studio based in dubai. operating all over the world . We deliver The goods you need to launch or relaunch your brand — including all the cool stuff. unlike typical agencies, we create and sell our own brands too. so we know what it takes to sell yours.

Good marketing comes from great branding. Find out what makes you unique and turn that into an unfair advantage.

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Hikare is an advanced haircare and esthetic clinic based in Dubai, one of the first to introduce a fully robotic hair transplant and state-of-the-art beauty solutions.
Visual Strategy Creative Direction Naming Website Design
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Off Record

The first of its kind coffee-bar experience in AbuDhabi, combines signature coffee, digital art, and music.
Brand Strategy Creative Direction Identity Design Naming Art Direction Tone of Voice Copywriting Packaging
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Middle East Venture Partners is one of the largest and most established venture capital firms in MENA.
Brand Strategy Creative Direction Brand Uplift Messaging Website Design Brand Reveal
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WeBuild Ventures

WeBuild Ventures is a platform that enables founders to build exciting companies from the ground up in an entrepreneurial, inspiring and cross-cultivating culture.
Brand Strategy Creative Direction Brand Identity Microsite
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Chouette is a luxury jewelry brand for women on the move. Style-conscious, driven and ambitious, Chouette aims to make their customers feel beautiful and empowered.
Brand Strategy Creative Direction Brand Uplift Photography Copywriting Website Design Awareness campaign
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Introducing your brand to the market is a big step for any startup. We give you the framework you need to win, with laser-focused messaging, positioning, and kick-ass design.

Our Solutions

If you do it once, it's luck. If you do it twice, it's interesting. Do it five times, it's a proven process. Our strengths help us create fully predictable outcomes that you can rely on.

The Brand Factory™

A 90 day branding program to help you create, design, and launch your unique brand identity to the market.
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For startups looking to create or transform their brand into a unique visual identity with clear and creative messaging, top notch design systems, with an easy-to-follow blueprint on how to stay consistent.
What you’ll get
Distinguish your company from competitors
Clarify what your brand will do - and won’t do
Create signature services/products with great outcomes
Capture your brand’s essence in memorable statements
Clarify your business roadmap for faster decision making
Launch a unique visual identity that connects & converts
Get a practical and concrete end-to-end branding kit
program deliverables
Brand Strategy
Clarity + Purpose
Brand Statement
Customer Archetypes
Market Research
Gap Analysis
Power Positioning
USP's + Value propositions
Verbal identity
Brand Personality
Tone of Voice
Copywriting Style Guide
Brand Language
Keyword Library
Core + Secondary Messages
Name + Tagline + Elevator Pitch
Content Pillars
Social Media Templates
Visual Identity

Creative Art Direction
Brand Art
Logo + Variations
Typography Selection
Color palette
Photography Guidelines
Content Architecture
Development (Webflow)
CMS / Maintenance Training
Brand User-Manual 

Communication Guide
Design Guide
Say goodbye to second-guessing every brand marketing decision. Simply by leveraging this system you can build a brand powerhouse in only 3 months.

The Simple Company®

Professional Service Providers
Business Design
The Simple Company® is a global brand and business coaching company that helps entrepreneurs leverage simplicity for higher profitability, breakthrough growth, and more freedom.
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Custom Flow™

Web Design & Dev
Designing functionally sound and visually appealing web experiences on Webflow. We go from defining the right content architecture, to creating low to high fidelity wireframes, to prototyping and validating the product, to finally develop & bring it to life on the World Wide Web.
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The Clips Agency™

Personal Brands
Content & Production
TheClipsAgency is a streamlined video solution for busy entrepreneurs looking to supercharge their personal brand with short-form videos.
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Our Street Cred

Emilie thomas

Co-founder @Oktopi

It's not the typical agency, it's more a relationship that will lead to something unexpected, like going in an art gallery for a private viewing with the artist... Expect long discussions and digressions but trust the process! Branding is important and they can make wonders! We loved their approach, a branding exercise that not any other agency would have done. I guess there was something very refreshing in Maven's approach. I absolutely loved the long discussions with Omar, he gave us the time, I knew we were both soaking into ideas, it was not a linear process but more of a rhizomatic one, and the result was great!

Emilie thomas

Walid Mansour

Investor & Partner @MEVP

As an investor, my job is to look for bright minds, and innovative ideas. To say that I’ve been working with maven for almost 2 years, launched my own startup, done more than 3 branding projects together, and much more… is enough testimony to their spirit and creativity. I highly recommend maven for your next venture.

Walid Mansour

Sally Dandashli

Founder @StylingBySal

Lifesavers :).. why? Because I have been wanting this for so long and didn't know where to start! I chose you because you were so professional, and were always there when I needed you. You understood my needs by creating a brand that is close to my personality! Thank you so much for everything

Sally Dandashli

Cherifa Eissa

Founder @Chouette

I had the pleasure of working with Omar and his team and it was a truly enjoyable experience. We collaborated on building and enhancing my jewellery line and the results speak for themselves. The team was dedicated to achieving excellence while also allowing me to express my own vision. I couldn't be happier with the results and I highly recommend this innovative and talented young company.

Cherifa Eissa

Khaled Iskandar

Founder @ZkandarStudio

I have been astounded by the many findings of my own business after piloting the maven x workshop. Its incredible, not only knowing more about what I do but it gave me a comprehensive insight about myself, which in return provided easy access to navigate through the problems I never found solutions to. A million thanks to mavenX for creating an easy step-by-step formula to equip me with necessary tools to grow my business forward.

Khaled Iskandar

Abdallah Al Jabri

Founder @OffRecord

I got introduced to Omar and the Maven-X team through the designer that I worked with on OFF RECORD. From the first meeting we had together, I could tell that I am working with a very professional agency, that was very well organized and processed. I was very attracted by their proposal of “going to market in 90 days” which was exactly what I was looking fo to establish my new startup coffeeBar brand. 3-4 months down the line, I can say that that it has been a great journey working with the team, the process was so much fun, we had great trust between us which allowed us to openly challenge each other to bring out the best result for our brand. And Now after opening our first outlet, all the hard work has payed of as I think we came up with a strong and exciting brand that hopefully will be spread all over the region

Abdallah Al Jabri
Words we live by

Nothing is unbranded™

Which leaves you with two choices. Take control of your narrative or leave it to the mercy of others.