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Maven is more than just our name. It’s our call to action to seek excellence and become exceptional at what we do. It’s our way of life, and the reason why we keep pushing forward.

Why we exist

Born from a need to be creative and a desire to be the best. We seek to uncover the power of branding .

We’re Committed

On an endless mission to explore the human consciousness, unpack the brain, and figure out what makes people tick.

We keep things simple.

01 Strategy

Why should they choose us?

02 Message

What are we gonna say?

03 Design

How do we present ourselves?

04 Plan

How do we get results?

The most simple questions can often lead us to the best answers. We’ve refined our brand building experience to a step-by-step process composed of workshops, strategy sessions, easy-to-use templates, and frameworks to help us achieve consistent results every time. We avoid the fluff and ditch the time-wasting calls, so we can focus on what is neccessary to drive your brand to success.

The way we do business shapes who we are.


We never do work that hides a lie.


We never take from you without giving more in return


We never create work that we can’t explain.


We never sell something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


We solve by making and we’re not afraid to start over


We document what we do so we can do it again better.

Meet Our Founder

Omar Meski

Founder - Creative Director
“You’re not what you study, you’re what you do about it”

in 2015, Omar left his architecture degree and began to pursue his passion in human behaviour. After becoming a master in neuro linguistic programming. He launched two successfull ecommerce brands using the power of leverage, words and visuals. Two years later, maven was born. Trusted by the top vc’s in the middle east and successful entrepreneurs around the world. He’s continiously working on creative ideas and ventures to explore the world of business and expand his knowledge.